About my Online classes



Hatha Yoga
Teacher- Sarah
Tuesday's 7.00pm- 8.00pm
Thursday's 12.30am-1.30am

Yoga classes are these days many and varied, in my classes there is always an opportunity at the start of the class to do some joint release work, there’s a focus on connecting breath with movement, a chance to develop awareness to what it is your body needs from the practice, so that you are not so reliant on your teacher and can adapt what you learn in class to suit you at home on your mat or in your life outside of class. I like to hear what is going on for my students physically, mentally and emotionally and I will always try and find a way to cater for that in my class planning. 


I am passionate about finding balance in life and in my own practice and have found that the best yoga practice for me simply combines movement and breath, an equal amount of time spent centring at the start of the class as you arrive and at times during a class to take a breath and after class to relax and rest. My classes reflect this, we never rush straight into a practice we take our time building up to movement connecting with our breath and then take our time coming back down onto our mats for rest and relaxation where there can be an opportunity to allow the effects of the practice to settle in the body.