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Hatha Yoga
Teacher- Sarah
Monday's 7.30pm- 8.45pm
Tuesday's 7.30pm-8.45pm
Thursday's 10.30am-11.45am

Yoga classes are these days many and varied, in my classes there is always an opportunity at the start of the class to do some joint release work, there’s a focus on connecting breath with movement, a chance to develop awareness to what it is your body needs from the practice, so that you are not so reliant on your teacher and can adapt what you learn in class to suit you at home on your mat or in your life outside of class. I like to hear what is going on for my students physically, mentally and emotionally and I will always try and find a way to cater for that in my class planning. 


I am passionate about finding balance in life and in my own practice and have found that the best yoga practice for me simply combines movement and breath, an equal amount of time spent centring at the start of the class as you arrive and at times during a class to take a breath and after class to relax and rest. My classes reflect this, we never rush straight into a practice we take our time building up to movement connecting with our breath and then take our time coming back down onto our mats for rest and relaxation where there can be an opportunity to allow the effects of the practice to settle in the body.





Beginners Yoga Class
Teacher- Sarah
Tuesday's 6.00pm- 7.15pm

This class  is for those who have little or no yoga experience. During the class you will work within a group where there will be a focus on developing a yoga practice with what is available for your body at this time, a yoga practice that works best for you depending on your needs. We will look at some of the foundational yoga postures in more detail, with a focus on connecting breath with movement. There will be an opportunity to practice breathing exercises and start if you don’t already have a meditation practice. During the course there will be an opportunity to ask questions if anything comes up for you or doesn’t make sense, we will check in at the start of every class so that you feel supported. You will be encouraged to integrate some of what you learn into your daily life, that will not only support your own yoga practice but also support you in your daily life. 

It is always a privilege to work with beginners, if you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can email me at ypwstudio@hotmail.com

Monthly Friday Restorative Yoga Class
 Teacher- Sarah
One Friday a month.
7.30pm - 8.45pm

I am keen to share this monthly restorative yoga practice with you, A practice that is accessible, in that its not just for able more typical yoga bodies but it is suitable for anyone, yogi or not who needs some time out to rest, relax and restore. 

The ideal length of time to rest in Shavasana is 20 minutes; Shavasana is a posture that yogis mostly rest in at the end of a class. In class we often don’t get as long as that to rest. This monthly class offers you the chance to do just that spend longer in certain postures like Shavasana allowing you to as a result experience the many positive benefits for your wellbeing of resting and relaxing. 

We use blocks, blankets, eye pillows and bolsters in a warm safe environment. It truly is a very restorative practice; there is some movement but only movement that encourages a gentle release in the body, in any areas where you may perhaps feel some tightness and or tension. Wear warm comfortable clothing and get ready to take some time out for yourself resting unwinding recharging and relaxing on your mat.


Pregnancy Yoga

Teacher- Ann Dunn
Wednesday's- 7.00pm - 8.15pm

These sessions are open to all mums-to-be irrespective of how much yoga or fitness experience you have.Yoga in pregnancy has all sorts of benefits including:- easing common ailments such as back pain and fatigue, strengthening the body in preparation for birth and encouraging awareness of the breath. So if you are pregnant and want to take some time to gently stretch the body and calm the mind in the company of other pregnant women..... then give it a go.

Teacher- Gillian
Monday's- 10.00am-11.00am
Wednesday's- 6.00pm-7.00pm
Mind, Body, Mat Sessions 

This Class will focus on mobilising and stabilising the physical, bringing strength, balance and more ease of movement into the physical body and a more focused and centred mind, stabilising the trunk and pelvis as well as mobilising the spine working with the breath, the body and the mind.

Beginner's Yoga
Teacher- Jane
Thursday's- 6.00pm-7.15pm
Yin & Yang Yoga
Teacher- Kelly
Thursday's -7.30pm-8.45pm

Combining the elements of Yin and Yang into a 75 minute practice, the first part class (the Yang) begins with fluid movements, exploring and moving the body, strengthening muscles, mobilizing joints and incorporating breath-work. The class then moves into the Yin element; longer, deeper, more restorative postures to relax the mind and the body as well as improve flexibility, open muscles, release tension and promote relaxation. 

 Yoga for All
Teacher- Ann Ashton
Friday's- 10.00am- 11.00am
This weekly class is chair based and is suitable for those that may be less mobile. You don't need to have had any previous Yoga experience to participate in this class. 
Bliss Yoga Nidra Class
Join us & others for this deeply relaxing candlelit restorative meditation and Yoga Nidra.
One Friday a month 
Teacher- Lynne
Monthly Friday Yoga and Sound class

Teacher - Betty-Ann

One Friday a month.


This practice has at its heart centre relaxation and rejuvenation. The yoga practice includes breath awareness, mindful asana practice, and guided relaxation. A nourishing sound bath is offered to open and close the practice, using theraputic Himalayan singing bowls.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and have something warm with you to wear during the sound baths. It is advisable to be hydrated before the class, to receive the full benefits of this practice.

Please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions about this practice.


Good Morning Yoga Flow Yoga Class

Saturday's- 10.00am-11.00am 
Teacher- Suzanne

The weekend Yoga Flow class will challenge your body and mind, bring balance, strength and connection to the body and mind. 

There will be lots of flows, balancing, pranayama, meditation, stretching and strength work, and a strong focus on alignment to prevent injuries. These class are open to anyone with an open mind, and are suitable for beginner’s to intermediate… these class only require that you are comfortable getting on and off the floor (not suitable for less mobile clients) We have options to work round anything else.


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